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Vision Solar Energy provide Solar Water Heating systems and also Grid Tied (Net Metering system) and off grid solar electricity systems (Solar Garden Light, Street Light, Solar Home system, Solar Security light) and Solar Water Pumping system, solar Battery Charging system for fishing boat, Solar Camera system, Solar Wind Power systems needs to the Sri Lankan market. We are glad to announce that we are capable of providing integrated energy saving solutions to customers, along with the associate company solar life technologies for net metering system.


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    Solar Water Heater

    SA series non-pressure solar water heater and PA series pre heat pressure solar water heater incorporate a number of high efficiency vacuum tubes, an atmospheric water tank with exchanger, the supporting bracket and accessories.

    Garden Lights

    Solar garden lights are High efficiency Glass Lamination panel and Big solar panel, Battery, LED panel are all in One Integrated Desgin. Three Intelligent core technology, Adaptive Lighting System, Variable Frequency Technology and Temperature Control System are included

    Solar Light System

    Life shall continue after the sun sets, with fun with well engineered energy lighting devices now able to provide safe, clean and reliable electricity to the households, affordable.

    Solar Water Pump

    This products are mainly used in dry region for irrigation of agriculture, It can be used for drinking water and living water. The living condition could be much improved. It also can be used for fountains. It is easier and more widely used than any other dynamoelectric driven pumps. It is more economical and more environmentally friendly.

    Solar Net Metering

    Grid-connected photovoltaic system is the most common type as they make use of the existing mains electricity grid. They are simpler in design and easier for the installers to fit than off grid systems. The electricity produced during the daytime is either used by the property owner, or directed back into the electricity grid and reduced from our Electricity bill by a utility company, an arrangement called 'net metering'. At night, or on dark days when the panels do not produce sufficient power, electricity will be supplied via normal utility company grid system.


    Benefits of installing

  •   To Enjoy Green Electricity
  •   No Hesitation
  •   No Air pollution
  •   Noise Free

  • Free Install

    Our professional sales team will inspect, consultant and install you the product free of charge and do the nessary changes on your site.

    Free Transport

    Sales team will transport you the product free of charge in any part of the island.


    The Sales Warranty of the product will provide the sales terms and conditions with the customer in any part of the island.

    After Sales Services

    With in or without the Sales Warranty we will provide the after sales services and repaires of the product in any part of the island.


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